Friday, April 4, 2014

RTL CBS Extreme HD


I've attended an event by RTL CBS Extreme HD.

This new tv channel will be launching on the March 27, 2014 !

This private party was based on the TV shows that will be showing/ airing on this new channel !

I ate bugs, drank shots with worms, took photos with snake on me !
Well, what can I say.. ? It's a Fear Factor night ! haha !

Along with live shows of Parkour stunts & Magic show by Cosentino !

About RTL CBS Extreme HD
RTL CBS Extreme HD is a general entertainment channel for the boys. It offers a balanced mix of action series, extreme sports, world-famous illusionists, extreme factual programming and action reality programs. It is the second channel of RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network, the venture formed by world-leading content producers, RTL Group and CBS Studios International.

Languages - Broadcast at launch in English with Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Thai subtitles

It will be available at Singtel Mio TV Channel 335.

TV shows that will be available in this channel are :

Professional snowboarders and self-proclaimed free sports for junkies Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle present audacious sports and action footage. Each show covers a variety of topics, from legendary athletes to the comical side of sports.

Art of Motion
Art of Motion brings together the world's best freerunners (parkour) in epic locations across the globe including Greece, Brazil and India.

Air Race
The Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the world's best pilots in a motorsports competition based on speed, precision and skill. Pilots need to complete the challenging course within the fastest time and perform certain extremely difficult manoeuvers. This is the F1 of the skies and only the bravest dare enter the competition.

Action Series
Guaranteed excitement and spellbinding viewing of your favorite shows packed with adrenaline-pumping action and exhilarating suspense every night of the week!

Dynamo Magician Impossible 
Magician to the stars, Dynamo travels the globe astounding everyone he meets. Dynamo has worked with the likes of Will Smith, Coldplay, Jay-Z and Russell Brand. Like his grandfather, Dynamo grew up practicing precision card-handling and developing powerful magical skills.

The highly anticipated show TROY will showcase the young magician's skills by performing incredible stunts before the eyes of the unsuspecting public. The series will combine elements of street magic and close-up studio illusions, with each episode culminating in one spectacular stunt.

Grand illusionist and recently crowned International Magician of the Year 2013, Cosentino, will make you a believer. He will get you lost in a world of enchantment. Prepare for Magic. Mystery. Madness.

Criss Angel Believe
Criss Angel Believe is the new series that will take viewers inside Criss Angel's world like never before - to truly see the method to his magic. For the first time, in each episode we get a behind-the-scenes look at how Criss and his team of experts craft his mind-blowing illusions. They will do whatever it takes to reconfirm that Criss is the greatest magician of all time!

Fear Factor
Fear Factor is back with brand new episodes featuring bigger and more outrageous stunts and explosions that will amaze viewers while testing the stamina and nerves of contestants.

Look at the amount of awesome TV shows that will be showing in this Channel !

How to subscribe
Customers currently subscribed to the Metro Pack, Jingxuan Super, Inspirasi Super, Kondattam Super, Desi Super and Action Gold pack will be able to enjoy the channel at no extra charge.

Newsubscribers can sign up for these packsat any SingTel retail shop or by contacting the SingTel sales hotline at 1609 (9am – 9pm daily)to enjoyRTL CBS Extreme HD and other exciting channels. For full information about the channel and packages, please visit

Media Contacts:

Omar Gepiga
RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network
T: +65 6421 8308

Tricia Lee
Tel: +65 6838 3065

Do stay tune for all the actions and illustration that will be coming in your way ! 

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