Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CNOS3 - Challenge 3


So previously...
I've attended CNOS3 - Challenge 3 ( Charity Sales for SPCA )
Local Hero presented by YONOFLASHPAY. 
It's a very very new experience for me as I've setup any flea in my entire life.
I did a poster for my Challenge 3.

To start off the day, each team from CNOS3, was given a flashpay card.
The event was sponsored by NETS YONOFLASHPAY & SPCA.

We were asked to shop around Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for our flea to help gather funds for SPCA.
I was teamed up with Jessie & Luna. Luna dressed up as a bear for the day as shown in the picture above.

( Look at the hardworking bloggers setting up their booth !)

After the 2 hours of shopping, we have to setup our booth and attract the customers.
That's the tough part for me.
I'm no good with decorations and flea sales. But yea.. I tried !

The different booths that are setup by the contestants. ( So Talented )

Firstly, we have POWER RANGER ! 

Secondly, we have Sailor Moon ~ ! 

And lastly, we've our very own.... GRIZZLY BEAR !

Last but not least, 
After all the tiring and long sales...

Finally ! We've some results ~ 
Let me introduce you... 
The winners !! 

3rd Prize goes to...

2nd Prize goes to...

And finally ! The first prize goes to...

Congratulations !!

We managed to gather SGD$1,832 !!

It's not a lot but hopefully all these funds will help the little fellows at SPCA! A better place for them to stay too! 

 Look at all their happy faces ! haha

Many of us made good use of this board for photo-taking !

Our Best Sales !
Necklaces , dustcap & badges !
Total earning : Approx SGD$80 - 90

Enjoyed myself very much throughout the event ! 

Let us all give a helping hand to our little fellows out there ! :) 

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