Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sponsored Post: WongaMania !

So lately, I've get to try a new card game called "Wongamania".
Wongamania is designed by an independent studio Capital Gains LLP, being the first financial edu-tainment card game in the world, that is modelled after modern economics.

As a Business student myself, I found studying business is tough and boring... 
Of course, a lot to take in too!

Despite that, Wongamania actually made it so much simple to understand economics in just awhile!
Eventually you'll be finding yourself trying to beat your friends in the game with so much strategic without you knowing! 

Gameplay of Wongamania

The basic concept of Wongamania is that it brings players through a typical economic cycle consisting of 4 stages: 

- The Recovery stage
- The Growth stage
- The Stagnant stage 
- The Recession stage

In order to win the game, players will have to accumulate a certain amount of money, which is termed as Wonga. Players get to draw a basic income at every turn and have to rely on investments to generate extra income, by either buying low or selling high, or wait for the interest, dividends or rentals generated by the assets.

Each economic quadrant has a unique characteristic which is a reflection of the real world. For example, it is often cheaper to buy stocks and properties during the recession or recovery phrase, while the best time to sell them away is during the stagnant phrase. During the recession phrase, players who still own stocks and properties will lose money, if they are still holding to them as the cycle changes.

The Global Cards are made up of real life political and economic events, which will help players, understand more about the implications of the various geopolitical events and government policies.

Incident Cards, which are a reflection of some of the personal triumphs and woes that people will face in their everyday lives. There are events like accident, illness, vacation, further education and a leaky roof, which one can use to either move ahead, or to slow down opponents through a series of deviously plotted events and accidents. 

To know more about what's Wongamania is about, check this video out !

Wongamania comes with 143 cards with 53 uniquely designed artwork, that makes learning about economics, assets, taxes and interest rates fun and enjoyable.
The company is currently raising funds through Starhub’s crowdfunding platform Crowdtivate (, a platform for entrepreneurs to gather contributions from the crowd in the form of feedback funding, resources or ideas. 

The company hopes to raise SGD10,000 through this platform.

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