Monday, December 30, 2013

Breeks !

I've visited Breeks for the Christmas special ! 
Well, Christmas isn't always just about present right ? 
It's about giving, gathering, and fun ~ 
And don't forget about foooood ! 
Chocolate is one of the most common gifts during such season / events right ? 
Breeks offers awesome brownies ! In many variety of favors ! 

For the brownies ! 
You can select different favors in a box ! 
For NSF like me, you can actually enjoy discounts using your home team vouchers and safara vouchers ! 

Oh ! Don't forget there's Christmas feast too ! 
Who can actually forget about that ?!

There's also this special drink that's only for Christmas !! 

Milo and mashmallow ! 
For mashmallow n milo lovers out there, it's a must try !! 

It's available in every breeks outlet in Singapore !

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So lately, I've been to a few events. But nothing's like this event !

LABseries Mini Roadshow at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard !

Basicially, to start off..
LABseries is a skincare product for men. Yes ! For Men. We have to take care of our skin now and then too right ?
Due to the recent weather, my face was getting bad to worse. I was planning to get some facial product and start taking care of my skin.
But !
Just nice LABseries was having a Mini Roadshow and I was invited down for a skin test. After some test, here's the result.

It wasn't really good and I've found out I've really oily skin.
Texture wasn't really good either.
And so, the skincare specialist applied facial wash on me, followed by the toner, and end it with moisturizer.

My Skin suddenly felt smooth and cooling. Oil was controlled !

As for my skin, I was suggested to use the following products :
Oil Control Facial Wash

Water Lotion

Oil Control Daily Hydrator

After a week or so, my skin isn't that oily anymore.
It improved quite a bit even in just a week !
To be honest, without being invited to LABseries roadshow, I would probably still be using some random facial wash and hoping my skin would turn better.

I mean we're guys right ? We just use whatever we see. Haha !

Alright, it's time to conclude this post !
I'm doing a giveaway to one lucky reader, a travel kit of LABseries product !
All you have to do is...
1) Follow me on twitter - @clintonlonsie ( Please do not private your account )
2) Tweet me saying why you want that product
It's that simple !
The giveaway will end on 13 Dec 2013 !
Tweet now ~

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hunger Games : Catching Fire

                                                             Rating : 4/5 ( Personal View )

It's gonna be the end of year real soon ! Lots & lots of movies are coming out at this peak period of the year. But, there's always movie that catch people's attention and making them wanna watch it sooooo much.
Yes ! I'm talking about the 2nd movie of popular movie, Hunger Games !
This 2nd movie of Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is a movie that many of us been waiting for.
Thanks to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, I get to watch this awesome movie at the Gala Premiere !
And yes, to be waiting for a movie so long, there's surely high hopes for it right ?
Not to worry ! This movie would not disappoint you a bit !

To be honest, I'm not much a Hunger Games fan.
But this movie really surprised me with the effects, story and those mind twisting events occurring in the movie.
I wouldn't want to spoil the parts where it scares me and some part that you will least expect things to happen.
Compared to the first movie, this movie has a big twist in it.
No more running around just the forest or village.
This time there's tall buildings. Buildings that looks like the one at New York City.

And don't forget, the burning dress/ clothing is back !
It kinda explain the movie title itself. Catching Fire.
If only these clothing exist in real life without feeling the heat from it.

The whole movie is about 2hr 30min long.
But at least there're slightly more actions, running, brain-cells killing scene in the movie.
The movie ended without an actual ending, so I assume that's gonna be a 3rd movie.

To conclude,
This movie is worth watching, I didn't spend my 2 hour plus for no reason ~
I do not want to review too much into the movie to spoil it to people who hasn't watch it.
So do head down to Cathay Cinemas for Hunger Games : Catching Fire ! You won't regret it ~

And here's the trailer for the movie ~

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Supperman !

32 Maxwell Road 
#01-06 Maxwell Chamber
Singapore 069115

Do you guys like cod fish ? 
You know, recently I've ate the best cod fish ever in my life so far at....
It's a bird ! No.
It's a plane ! No.
It's Supperman !!

Yes, you hear me, Supperman not Superman ~ I read it wrongly the first time when Vivian showed me the shop's name. But it's alright! I guess I'm not the only one~ 

Anyway, Supperman is just a short walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. ( Address will be at the end of this post ) 
It's quite convient for office worker around. It has got good music, nicely designed, comfortable chairs/couch and don't forget about the food and beverages! 

Let's talk about the food for now.
These are the food that I've tried and which I think it's highly recommended when you're there to grab a bite. 

So, let's start with the main course..

Ribeye Steak with Green Onion Purée 

Pan-fried Cod with Preserved Radish and Soya Broth

Laksa Seafood Linguini

Cereal Crusted Cutlet with Yuzu Wasabi Sauce 

Beer Battered Fish

Cold Spicy Glass Noodles


Weekly Special 

After all those fulfilling and delicious main course, you definitely wanna try some desserts! 

Firstly, my favorite ! 

Coconut Butter Tart ! It kind of remind me of Malacca somehow. Love it ! 

Lemon Cheesecake 

Nanaimo Bar

And if you wanna stay a little awhile after all the food~ 
There's imported Cider & beer for you and your friends to chill and grab some finger food along with it ~!! 


To all truffle lovers out there ~

Truffle Fries ! (On the left)

And they have other variety of finger food.

From my experience at SUPPERMAN, you should really try their Pan-Fried Cod with Preserved Radish and Soya Broth! A little saltiness with the soya broth, it's awesome! 
Ribeye steak with green onion purée, it's chewy and the green onion purée goes well with the Ribeye steak.
Seafood Laksa linguini, I'm not a big fan of linguini, but this is just good ! It's not a soup base dish, it's dry and the laksa taste actually goes quite well with the linguini. 
For the dessert, 
Coconut Butter Tart is highly recommended ! 
It has the taste that remind me of Malacca. I was previously from Malaysia and this dessert, it made me felt home somehow. 
*All the desserts are served along with a scoop of cookie n' cream ice-cream. 

Really enjoyed dining at SUPPERMAN, the waiters & waitress are friendly and the service is good. The food is worth the price and it's a minute walk from the MRT. 

Before I end this post, here's more information getting there and information of SUPPERMAN.

Tanjong Pagar MRT 
Exit B & turn left to Maxwell Chambers

Mon - Fri: 11:00 am to 10:00pm
Sat: 5:00pm to 10:00pm


For more information, please do visit :

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights

People People !!
Halloween is near !
Do you have any plans yet ?
Well... If you don't, no worries ! Head down to Cineleisure Orchard now !
There's this mini Halloween Horror Nights Trail that you can experience and have a look.
Well, Singapore isn't much with Trick or Treat style. But you're still be able to have fun right ?

Having doubts about the USS Halloween Horror Nights?
Take a little walk in this Mini Halloween Horror Nights Trail and it might just make you wanna see the whole thing at USS !

What's a haunted house without heads right ?

Or bring your friends in and let these freaky rubber hands make you feel the shiver down your spine ~

Head down to Cathay Cineleisure now and walk this Halloween Horror Nights Trail while you can !
Oh yea !
And it's free by the way.. So why not ?
Enter and enjoy your "walk" ~

Located at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 's Basement. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seoul Garden Hot Pot

Hey !
It's been awhile since I last post about food.
Well, this time round I'm going to post about everyone's favorite food...

I guess you guys had tried Seoul Garden BBQ.
But have you tried Seoul Garden Hot Pot ?
It basically consist of Korea's popular / signature Bibimbap & Hot Pot. 

Bibimbap literally means "mixed rice".
It is served with rice, egg, sliced meat, seasoned vegetables and something called "gochujang" which is chili pepper paste/sauce.
You can add any amount of gochujang to your desire of spiciness. As for me, I'm a spice lover, so I'm always adding everything in.
Just for the basic information, the ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating.

Hot Pot
Hot Pot is somehow the same as our chinese's steam boat.
It has many different ingredients in a small pot such as, mushroom, vegetables, sliced meat / seafood.
Something different between Korean's Hot Pot is that they have 2 different Soup base. "Miso" & "Kimchi".
For spice lovers like me, "Kimchi" soup base may be a better choice.

Alright ! Enough of me explaining Bibimbap & Hot Pot. 
It's time for food tasting !

I ordered Premium Seafood Hot Pot.

It has fresh seafood such as 
scallops, clams and mock abalone slice.
The soup is both sweet and spicy.
The seafood is fresh and I couldn't help but finish the whole pot by myself.
And of course, it comes with a bowl of rice, which isn't enough for me to satisfy my tummy as the hot pot is so good !

But don't worry !
If the hot pot is not enough for your tummy !
There's still side dishes !

the Deep-fried Mandu.

It's a traditional Korean stuffed seafood dumpling, which is deep-fried and if you're a gyoza or chinese dumpling lover, you might like this too !

Crispy Chicken Nuggets.

Basically, they're small chicken bites which are fried.
It's one of the finger food that may not hit the spot of your tummy but to start your meal with.

the two dish of my favorite ! ( Spice Alert ! )
Marinated Sliced Beef & Marinated Sliced Chicken.
Marinated Sliced Beef - Tender beef slices flavored with garlic, mushrooms and fresh spring onions.

Marinated Sliced Chicken - Sliced chicken flavored with herbs and spices.

They are also one of the popular dishes in Korea!

They've some other sides like, Baby Octopus, Kimchi Pickles & Cucumber Namul.

If you ever crave for any Authentic Korean Food, head down to Seoul Garden Hot Pot !
They have student price as long as you bring along your student pass.
So don't worry about the cost and enjoy your all time favorite Korean Food now !

Don't forget to bring your friends and family too ~