Monday, December 30, 2013

Breeks !

I've visited Breeks for the Christmas special ! 
Well, Christmas isn't always just about present right ? 
It's about giving, gathering, and fun ~ 
And don't forget about foooood ! 
Chocolate is one of the most common gifts during such season / events right ? 
Breeks offers awesome brownies ! In many variety of favors ! 

For the brownies ! 
You can select different favors in a box ! 
For NSF like me, you can actually enjoy discounts using your home team vouchers and safara vouchers ! 

Oh ! Don't forget there's Christmas feast too ! 
Who can actually forget about that ?!

There's also this special drink that's only for Christmas !! 

Milo and mashmallow ! 
For mashmallow n milo lovers out there, it's a must try !! 

It's available in every breeks outlet in Singapore !

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