Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So lately, I've been to a few events. But nothing's like this event !

LABseries Mini Roadshow at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard !

Basicially, to start off..
LABseries is a skincare product for men. Yes ! For Men. We have to take care of our skin now and then too right ?
Due to the recent weather, my face was getting bad to worse. I was planning to get some facial product and start taking care of my skin.
But !
Just nice LABseries was having a Mini Roadshow and I was invited down for a skin test. After some test, here's the result.

It wasn't really good and I've found out I've really oily skin.
Texture wasn't really good either.
And so, the skincare specialist applied facial wash on me, followed by the toner, and end it with moisturizer.

My Skin suddenly felt smooth and cooling. Oil was controlled !

As for my skin, I was suggested to use the following products :
Oil Control Facial Wash

Water Lotion

Oil Control Daily Hydrator

After a week or so, my skin isn't that oily anymore.
It improved quite a bit even in just a week !
To be honest, without being invited to LABseries roadshow, I would probably still be using some random facial wash and hoping my skin would turn better.

I mean we're guys right ? We just use whatever we see. Haha !

Alright, it's time to conclude this post !
I'm doing a giveaway to one lucky reader, a travel kit of LABseries product !
All you have to do is...
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It's that simple !
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