Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hunger Games : Catching Fire

                                                             Rating : 4/5 ( Personal View )

It's gonna be the end of year real soon ! Lots & lots of movies are coming out at this peak period of the year. But, there's always movie that catch people's attention and making them wanna watch it sooooo much.
Yes ! I'm talking about the 2nd movie of popular movie, Hunger Games !
This 2nd movie of Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is a movie that many of us been waiting for.
Thanks to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, I get to watch this awesome movie at the Gala Premiere !
And yes, to be waiting for a movie so long, there's surely high hopes for it right ?
Not to worry ! This movie would not disappoint you a bit !

To be honest, I'm not much a Hunger Games fan.
But this movie really surprised me with the effects, story and those mind twisting events occurring in the movie.
I wouldn't want to spoil the parts where it scares me and some part that you will least expect things to happen.
Compared to the first movie, this movie has a big twist in it.
No more running around just the forest or village.
This time there's tall buildings. Buildings that looks like the one at New York City.

And don't forget, the burning dress/ clothing is back !
It kinda explain the movie title itself. Catching Fire.
If only these clothing exist in real life without feeling the heat from it.

The whole movie is about 2hr 30min long.
But at least there're slightly more actions, running, brain-cells killing scene in the movie.
The movie ended without an actual ending, so I assume that's gonna be a 3rd movie.

To conclude,
This movie is worth watching, I didn't spend my 2 hour plus for no reason ~
I do not want to review too much into the movie to spoil it to people who hasn't watch it.
So do head down to Cathay Cinemas for Hunger Games : Catching Fire ! You won't regret it ~

And here's the trailer for the movie ~

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