Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seoul Garden Hot Pot

Hey !
It's been awhile since I last post about food.
Well, this time round I'm going to post about everyone's favorite food...

I guess you guys had tried Seoul Garden BBQ.
But have you tried Seoul Garden Hot Pot ?
It basically consist of Korea's popular / signature Bibimbap & Hot Pot. 

Bibimbap literally means "mixed rice".
It is served with rice, egg, sliced meat, seasoned vegetables and something called "gochujang" which is chili pepper paste/sauce.
You can add any amount of gochujang to your desire of spiciness. As for me, I'm a spice lover, so I'm always adding everything in.
Just for the basic information, the ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating.

Hot Pot
Hot Pot is somehow the same as our chinese's steam boat.
It has many different ingredients in a small pot such as, mushroom, vegetables, sliced meat / seafood.
Something different between Korean's Hot Pot is that they have 2 different Soup base. "Miso" & "Kimchi".
For spice lovers like me, "Kimchi" soup base may be a better choice.

Alright ! Enough of me explaining Bibimbap & Hot Pot. 
It's time for food tasting !

I ordered Premium Seafood Hot Pot.

It has fresh seafood such as 
scallops, clams and mock abalone slice.
The soup is both sweet and spicy.
The seafood is fresh and I couldn't help but finish the whole pot by myself.
And of course, it comes with a bowl of rice, which isn't enough for me to satisfy my tummy as the hot pot is so good !

But don't worry !
If the hot pot is not enough for your tummy !
There's still side dishes !

the Deep-fried Mandu.

It's a traditional Korean stuffed seafood dumpling, which is deep-fried and if you're a gyoza or chinese dumpling lover, you might like this too !

Crispy Chicken Nuggets.

Basically, they're small chicken bites which are fried.
It's one of the finger food that may not hit the spot of your tummy but to start your meal with.

the two dish of my favorite ! ( Spice Alert ! )
Marinated Sliced Beef & Marinated Sliced Chicken.
Marinated Sliced Beef - Tender beef slices flavored with garlic, mushrooms and fresh spring onions.

Marinated Sliced Chicken - Sliced chicken flavored with herbs and spices.

They are also one of the popular dishes in Korea!

They've some other sides like, Baby Octopus, Kimchi Pickles & Cucumber Namul.

If you ever crave for any Authentic Korean Food, head down to Seoul Garden Hot Pot !
They have student price as long as you bring along your student pass.
So don't worry about the cost and enjoy your all time favorite Korean Food now !

Don't forget to bring your friends and family too ~

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