Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eighteen Chef at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Hey !
I'm here talking about an interesting topic on something that's almost everyone's favorite... *drum roll* 
Recently, I've visited a restaurant/hang out called 'Eighteen Chef'.

Don't be scare by the number 18 ~ 
There's always a heart felt and warming story behind something that's so successful now ~ 
Well ~
Chef Benny, the founder of Eighteen Chef, employs and trains delinquents, drug offenders in 2007. As a former drug addict, Chef Benny turned his life around and became the first Singaporean to be trained at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen. As a changed man and chef, Chef Benny hopes to inspire youths-at-risk to find alternative and positive ways of integrating into society and not making more mistakes in life. His story kind of inspires me that everyone can be what they want to be as long as they have the heart to change or do it. I hope his story inspires you too!

The interior of the restaurant (I can use 3Cs for this) cozy, causal & cool. You do not have to dress up fancy to be there! 
I find it quite interesting when I 1st step into 18 Chef, with the graffitis on the wall and a wall that's called 'paparazzi wall' where you can take photo with your friends or family like a star!

"Paparazzi Wall with Chef Benny & his crew"

Time for food ! Let's talk about food now!
Before telling you guys what I've ate, here's a preview of the menu ~

Homemade Ice Lemon Tea ~

The glass is cool right ? haha !

Our first dish of the day it's... 
French Loaf with Garlic Confit! 

It's a fusion of the all time favorite "French Loaf" and a specially made sauce using Roasted Garlic, oil & soy sauce. It's a must try for Garlic lovers !

Up next,
64 Deg Egg ! 

It's boiled on the exact 64deg. 
(Try using a straw to suck the egg, it's not as easy as it seems!)

Followed by 18 Chef signature dish..
Heart attack fried rice ! 

A huge bowl of fried rice and beef served with a sauce that's made up of peanut butter, ketchup & chili sauce ! I loved it. 
It's a traditional Fried Rice cooked by the Chef Benny's mum. 
Last but not least.. 
Dessert ! 
I had the Black Beauty. There're many other dessert but I did not get the chance to try it, it's too nice and everyone's fighting over it, but I have the photos tho.

There's brownie, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The brownie is served warmed on the plate beautifully with the ice cream.

The service is good as they are nice and friendly towards us, and of course.. helpful ~

Chef Benny told us that for students who are eating at Eighteen Chef, if they raise up their hands after the meal, they will get a free ICE CREAM ! 
Don't be shy! Just raise that hand and get a free ICE CREAM! Who doesn't love Ice Cream right ?! 

Overall, my experience at Eighteen Chef was good and I'm definitely gonna visit soon. The price is affordable, the food is good, the service too. 

It's located at :
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 
(It's right beside the lifts)

Do visit for more info ! 
Cheers ! 

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