Monday, April 28, 2014

Brick Mansion

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls...
It's been a long wait for a good movie !

If you're guessing it right, it's a PAUL WALKER's movie.



BRICK MANSION is a remake of District B13, this is a great movie for parkour lovers !
With David Belle in the movie, you're gonna be expecting lots of awesome and incredible stunts throughout the movie !
For those who doesn't know who David Belle is...
He's a French Actor & one of the 8 founders of PARKOUR !
Sadly, for Paul Walker's fan, this might trigger most of you.

Watch the Trailer here :

Anyway !

I've attended a Pre-Parkour Jam by Superfly Monkey Dragons.

It's my very first parkour lesson and it's kinda scary at first as the Vault & climbing walls are new to me.
Balancing on the bar it's harder than it looks !
You guys should give it a try sometime !

Here's a short video of me jumping up the huge box ! haha !

And of course !
How can I forget about this ?!

I'll be doing a give away !
2 lucky readers will walk away with (1 hour complimentery Parkour Class with Superfly Monkey Dragons) worth $25 each !!

Step 1 ) Go to Instagram, follow @clintonlonsie
Step 2 ) Comment on the photo that wrote GIVE AWAY ! ( Tell me how much you wanna try out parkour for the first time )

It's that simple !

So.. May the force be with you..
No.. I mean...
Let's parkour away ! ~

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