Friday, March 7, 2014

Cineleisure Next Online Sensation V3.0

Guess what ?

Yeap, I'm back !
And this time, I'm back joining Cineleisure Next Online Sensation V3.0 !
Previously, I joined CNOS V2.0 and made quite a number of friends !
The prizes are attractive, so I asked myself... WHY NOT ?!

Here is the vlog I've done for the entry :

After a year being around Cineleisure,
a newly open food place has became a causal and usual hangout for me.
YES ! Eighteen Chefs !!
I love the food there !

Nicely drawn wall ~

Delicious food ! Especially ...


An adorable drinking jar ~

Honestly speaking, I'm not a fan of fried rice, but Eighteen Chef's Heart Attack Fried Rice really did gave me a Heart Attack ! For loving it so much !
For those who hasn't try it, GO ! What are you waiting for ?!

See you guys there ! Cheers !

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