Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Im sure everyone heard of Frankenstein right ?
Legend has it, a doctor/ scientist use different body parts and created a "human" like creature. And eventually he uses the voltage from lightning and make it come to life. 
And Frankie suppose to be slow, blur and strong. 
For this movie, you get to see Frankenstein in a whole new different way ! No more screws at it's neck, no more slow and blurry him. 

But instead ! Charming, muscluar , fast and strong Frankie ! 
I'm sure he's like most girl's dream guy eh ? 

A slight twist in the story as Frankenstein killed his creator's wife and left his creator running in the snow and died.

Frankenstein fought his way to know what's his purpose of life, unlike the original story, Frankie protect his creator no matter what. 

For this, the good, gargoyles, trying to protect, the evil, devils, from taking over the world. 

It's worth a watch! 
The graphic is good, the plot itself it's awesome. 
And that's what you can expect from the creator of underworld right ? 

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