Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aerosmith is in town!

Alright guys,
this may be a short post but it probably cover up what's going on.
I'd done a mini / short cover with my beautiful sis, speishi, the cup song. 
And some of you may be wondering what's that.
Well, simple, it was originally by 'lulu and the lambshades'. And got famous last year by the movie 'pitch perfect'. 
It's a catchy and nice song, most of you will like it. 
Well, enough of the originality of the song and how to came to be known to the world of teens now. 
Watch the cover here.

To my surprise,
I appeared in the latest Teenage magazine, June 2013 series , with the CNOS2 members !
If you haven get a copy yet, you should ! haha !
It brings back a lot of memories of CNOS2.
Those fun and tiring days of vlogging and climbing hills during the Decoded Race.

Guess what ! Most of you know the social star awards is this week ! 
And AEROSMITH is in town !! 
One of the legendary rock band in the world, with everyone's all time favorite...
'Walk this way', 'I don't want to miss a thing' & 'Sweet Emotion'. 
If you don't know the song, go to YouTube and type them down in the search bar ~ 
Many of you might know their vocalist, Steven Tyler, from the American idol as the judge. 
He has a great voice that rocks your mind. 
Well, go now ! Search their songs if you don't know them yet!
I hope their song will get into your head somehow ! :) 
Cheers ! 

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