Monday, June 23, 2014

Pledging for a good cause

Pledging for a good cause

Well.. As you all know, my previous post was about the Singapore International Water Week 2014 ?
It is really a great experience helping / sharing out to the public and readers to be part of this event !

The bloggers who took part at Bugis & Orchard Road met up and interacted with nearly 10,000 people !
And also... We managed to reach the target of 40,000 Pledges ($40,000) 15 days earlier than what we've expected !

Here's are some photos during the Pledging !

Check out : for more photos by our dear people who pledged at Bugis & Orchard Road ! :)

Well ~
Firstly, I would like to thank all of the readers who helped us out by spreading the word and being part by pledging their support for 

Secondly, I would like to personally thank the sponsors & organizers for raising the money.

Here is the Message from the Sponsors & Beneficiary:

It's because of you guys' pledges and support, we managed to hit the target, raising the money for

Even tho we managed to reach our target, I do hope you guys will continue to take the pledge to support this cause to raise more pledges as possible to spread awareness of pressing water issues !

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