Thursday, June 5, 2014

Laos Travelogue

Alright guys, recently I've been missing travelling so much.
I'm 21 this year, and I have renounce my previous citizenship to be Singaporean.
My passport isn't valid for months till things get settled and I finally get to travel again after 2 years of serving the Country.
Well, it isn't really bad serving the Country. I kinda miss it from time to time.
The following content are from 2-3 years ago.
I find it a need to blog about this trip because not many people actually know that this country exist !
Well COME ON ~ ! It's a beautiful country ! I SWEAR ! haha !
I might skip some of the days.. Well, it's a long time ago trip and it's 14 days long ! :(
I'm excited because a friend of mine from Laos will be coming to visit this year Nov/Dec !
It's been so long !

Here we go !

DAY 1 - Singapore to Laos 

Just look at the gorgeous view of Laos from above !
Well, I remembered I woke up around 6am and rushed off to Changi Airport to get my luggage check-in.
The plane took off around 8am and we arrived at Laos at about 12 noon.

I've no idea what this is, but this taste good ! I've never expect plane food to taste good ever !
Normally, many of us might not have the appetite to eat when we're high above from the ground, right ? right ??? Or is it just me ? Damn..

Arrived at the hotel that I'm staying for the next 13 nights !
Mekong Sunshine Hotel.
It's near the shopping, eating, and most importantly the Mekong River !
They host Dragon Boating Festival at Mekong River & too bad for me, I didn't manage to catch it.
Guess what ? I was a week early ! :(

DAY 2 - The Beginning

I forgot to mention !
I was at Laos as a mini lecturer & student exchange program.

The classroom at Laos' University. 

Canteen ! 

And lastly, the place where they gather and check for their results !

Well, Laos is a traditional country, many of us may think they are a part of Thailand, but nope !
They're a Country itself ! :)
Clinton's Lecture Class. haha !

After visiting their school and meet up some students.
It's Night Market time !!
Well, they're still setting up so I didn't get much stuff on the 1st few days ~


Like I've said, I will not blog about every single day :)
Let's just skip it straight to the fun part ! ROAD TRIP TO VANG VIENG !
A tourist place at Laos !

During the Road Trip !

Playing some songs for everyone during the Road Trip ! :)

Guess what happened next ?!

Yes... Our bus broke down...

And this is how we try to hitch-hike ! haha !
Not long after, we're finally back on the road !

It actually took us 6 hours from our hotel to reach Vang Vieng.

Alright, less talking !
Here are some views of Vang Vieng ! Enjoy :)

We'd to climb those long long stairs ! But it was worth it... I think ?

Wanna see what we've tried at Laos ?

This !

Papaya Salad - It's kinda different from the ones you had at Thailand. It's a must try !

Noodle Salad

It actually taste better than it look and it's freaking SPICY !
Just by looking at it, my mouth starting to be watery ~

That's for now I guess?
It's a really long ago's trip and just wanna share with you guys ~
Some of the memories ain't coming back anymore :(
But hopefully I will be travelling again ! :)

Cheers !

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