Thursday, September 18, 2014

A day without technologies

It's all about technology these days. Almost everyone owns a smartphone.

Technologies, like smartphone for example, replaced most of what we need in our daily life.
It makes our life so much easier !

We can use it to surf the net, chat with our friends / family that are far away from us, take photos, listen to songs, watch videos, etc...

There're just a few things...
Are we really being more and more dependent on these technologies?
Can we survive a day or two without them?

We love to take photos and upload them up on the internet sharing what we're doing, wearing, eating, etc..
Well, I'm not saying that's a bad thing to do. After all, 'sharing is caring'. Plus, I'm also taking photos and sharing them on the internet.
But ! Imagine this...
One day, the main server of the photos you'd uploaded to, shut down. You did not backup/ lost your phone. What happened to all those memories you had (with friends/family/partner) ?

We had lost the era when we took pictures, print them out and store them in an album and sharing with whoever visits you.

Let's all just take a day and stay away from our smartphones, get out there and look around.
You'll eventually notice, the world is huge and beautiful!
Travel around, get out and have some fun!
Go to the beach, run around and swim!

Who know what you might find along your mini adventure, right?
It's just a day away from your smartphone, it won't hurt right?

Cheers !

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